The page "My Musical Works" shows all your musical works that have been automatically synched from the artist profiles linked to your Bridger account.

NOTE: To correctly collect the related copyright royalties, you need to submit these works. Also, we need to know if there are any other co-creators for these musical works and what are their roles.


At Bridger, there are four different statuses possible for your musical works: 

To be completed  ⮕  In processing or Split approval is in progress or Processed with Bridger  ⮕  OK.


mceclip0.png To be completed You need to submit your work and indicate the splits
mceclip0.png  In process

You have submitted your musical works, and we are currently making sure we have all the information needed. We will get back to you if we need any additional information to validate your submission.

mceclip0.png Split approval is in progress You have added one or more co-creators for that musical work. We are currently waiting for the co-creators' approval or dispute. If you have any questions please contact us
mceclip0.png  Not original work

You’ve indicated that the musical work is “not an original creation." You need to send us the usage authorizations that apply to the musical work to start collecting the related copyright royalties. Without these authorizations, you will need to delete these musical works from your account. Contact us if you have any questions.

mceclip0.png  Missing Information

Some information is missing in order for us to start collecting the copyright royalties generated by this musical work. Please contact us to fill the gaps.

mceclip0.png  Registration Accepted

Your musical works have been correctly submitted and validated.




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