Thank you for joining Bridger!

Once you have signed up and verified your account, please make sure that you have submitted all your musical works.

In the days following your submission, a member of our onboarding team will contact you for more information to activate your account. Please check your inbox and junk/spam folder for their message.

To activate your account, we will need:

  • A photo of your ID or passport to verify your account.
  • Information on any other active affiliations with a CMO/PRO/MRO or publishing admin.
  • Information about your collaborators (if any).

Why we ask all this information? :

A photo of your ID or Passport

We need to verify that the person registering in our system is entitled to collect the copyright for the specific artist profile. This ensures that we pay the royalties to the correct artist.

If there is another active affiliation with a CMO/MRO/PRO or publishing admin

We need to ensure that your current affiliation doesn't conflict with your Bridger affiliation. This is to prevent ownership conflicts with another entity and ensure that you can collect your royalties on time, as you can only collect through one entity at a time.

Information regards your collaborator(s)

All artists who contributed to the composition of a musical work are entitled to copyright. During the registration process, you need to mention all the artists involved in the composition and specify the splits of the royalties that each one will receive.
More information:
Understand royalties split 
How to add a collaborator 




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