Bridger offers a new, easy and intuitive copyright management solution for all songwriters.

To create your Bridger account and unlock an additional source of revenue, follow the steps below.


Setting up your account

1. Are you a songwriter (any music creator) or a publisher?

  • Choose "I am a songwriter" if you compose music or write lyrics for yourself or others. Songwriter doesn't only mean that you write lyrics on a piece of paper. If you create or compose music, you're a songwriter. For example, if you're a beatmaker, you're a songwriter.
  • Choose "I am a publisher" if you represent several artists. We're currently building our solution for publishers. When selecting I'm a publisher, you'll be redirected to a contact form to get in touch with our team. That way, we'll be able to discuss about custom solutions to meet your needs.


2. Let us know then if you have a publisher or not

  • If you're operating alone and didn't sign a publishing contract, you must choose "I don't have a publisher."
  • If you have a publisher, you can select "I have a publisher" and create a request to be called back by the Bridger team.


3. Click the "Start your subscription process" button, and fill in the required information.


4. Add your Spotify or/and Deezer artist profile url.

This step will synchronize your musical works (tracks) automatically with your account.

Need more help? Find additional information here: Add your Spotify/Deezer link


5. Create your login credentials and password 

The password must include at least one number and eight (8) characters (including one upper and one lower character). If you need help with your password creation, click here: Set up your password


6. You will receive an email from Bridger to verify your account.

Don't forget to check your spam or junk mail folder.


7. Sign in to your new account and let us know if you are affiliated or not with any CMO, then click "NEXT."

  • Choose "I don't have a CMO" if you are not affiliated with any of them, and download the General Conditions of Subscription to our services.
  • If you have already entrusted your works to a collective management organization (CMO) to collect your copyright royalties on streaming platforms, you will need to transfer these rights to Bridger. 


8. Read and tick the box "confirm" to confirm that you have read your mandate.

Click "validate" to proceed.

You can now download the mandate and click "Next" for the last step.


IMPORTANT NOTE: You must register and submit your musical works to complete your account.

Please click on the following guide: Select and Submit your musical works to Bridger. 



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