How long does my agreement last?

mceclip0.png Our agreement is for 12 months. After that, it will be renewed automatically every three months.

How and when can I resign?
mceclip0.png You can cancel your agreement only after the first 12 months from the moment of your registration. After that, you can cancel your agreement every three months prior to the automatic renewal.
How much do I have to pay?
mceclip0.png Bridger is a free service. You can register with no upfront nor annual fees. You keep 90% of your royalties, and we only keep 10% of the collected amounts to cover our costs. 
Do you take any commission?
mceclip0.png Yes, we keep 10% of your generated revenues for our expenses.
How will I be paid?
mceclip0.png We currently pay by wire transfer. To get paid, you must ensure that you have added your bank details to the relevant section under your account.

Go to the "My Profile" screen, then click on the "Bank Details" tab and add your banking information.

How often will I be paid?
mceclip0.png  Our ability to pay out copyright royalties depends on when the various streaming platforms share their usage reports and make payments. This is usually done on a quarterly basis. Even if the payment happens quarterly, the period between the usage on a given platform and the payment to artists is approximately nine to ten months due to a lot of background processes and exchanges.
When will I receive data about my music?
mceclip0.png  Starting in early 2023, under the page "My Copyright Royalties," you will be able to find downloadable data about your music.
What kind of data does Bridger provide?
mceclip0.png Data such as which platform your music is played on most, your revenues per streaming platform, your hits per streaming platform, demographic data of your listeners, customized top 10 lists, and much more.



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