To add a co-author to one or multiple musical works follow the following steps: 

  • Sign in to your Bridger account.
  • Click on "My musical works" to get the list of your musical works. All the musical works with the status "To be completed" need an action to be done. 
  • Select one or more musical works with the status "To be completed" by ticking the box on the left side of the list. Click on "complete these submissions".

Then, you need to select one or two options regarding the selected musical works:


Select "I am a writer and/or composer" if you have contributed to the lyrics and/or the music composition.

> Select "I am a producer and/or performer" if you have contributed to the sound recording of the work.

>Select "The selected content is original" if your work is not an unauthorized cover or doesn't include any unauthorized excerpt of a preexisting literary and/or musical work.

Select "I don't have the full rights for this content" if your work is an unauthorized cover or includes an unauthorized excerpt of a preexisting literary and/or musical work. Click on "Notify these musical works to Bridger"

  • Click "Next" to define the splits.

By default, you are considered as a songwriter of the musical works (both composer and lyricist) and 100% owner of the performing and the mechanical rights.


If this is correct and want to apply this set up as default ownership:

  • Click “Apply this split to the entire musical work selection”
  • Click “Submit” for each musical work
  • Once all works are selected and have been submitted individually, tick the box “I confirm that the information provided is correct and complete”
  • Finally, click "Submit” to complete the registration of the entire selection of your musical works.


If this is not correct because you have composed the music and/or written the lyrics with others

  • Click "Add a new contributor" and search for a contributor's name on the list. If you can not find the contributors on the list, add their first and last names, emails, CMOs). Click "Next".


  • Select "Apply this split to the entire track selection" to update your musical works selection and click "Submit".



NOTE: an email will be sent to each of your collaborators for them to approve the splits and percentages of rights you registered.

After submitting musical works, you have 48 hours to make updates from your account. After that time, you'll have to contact our team to make any changes.


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