To add your musical works to Bridger and start collecting your copyright, you need to link your Spotify and/or Deezer artist profile.
This allows us to retrieve all of your musical works automatically from the Spotify and/or the Deezer database. This makes you save precious time compared to adding each of your tracks manually.
To add your musical works to Bridger, first you need to add your music projects.
  • Sign in to your Bridger account 
  • Click on "My Account"
  • Select "Your music projects" on the left menu
  • Click on "Add an artist profile" and make sure to select the option "Fetch automatically my music works from the streaming platform".
  • Select the streaming service and add the url of your artist profile. If you need help to find your artist profile url, read our dedicated article: Add your Spotify/Deezer link
To review the list of your musical works, click on "My Musical Works" once you have signed the mandate.
In that section, you will find all your musical works. To make sure copyright royalties are correctly collected, you need to edit this section to indicate your role and the possible split applicable to each track: How to Register and Submit your musical works
You can also delete any musical works from the same page. If you want to delete one or more tracks from your list,
  • Select a track
  • Click "DELETE"
NOTE: If you delete any of your musical works and want to submit them again in the future, you'll have to start the process from scratch again.
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