Bridger collects your copyright royalties generated on digital services while your online distributor only collects your master royalties.

Bridger collects the missing part of your music rights.


A music distributor is a company that makes your music available on multiple music streaming platforms. They act as your agent, procuring you this source of exposure and revenues. Today, the leading music digital distributors are DistroKid, TuneCore, CD Baby, Spinnup, and Amuse.

It is important to know that musical works include two different kinds of rights: copyright and master rights.

  • Copyright is the right of the people who have written a song (the score and the lyrics). This can include one or several songwriters for each musical work. It’s also the type of rights linked to publishers.
  • Master rights protect and generate revenues for performers and producers for their contribution to the track recording (also called recording or master). Music productions are historically named phonograms. It is important to remember this term when seeking to understand legal documents, such as contracts.

‍Distributors only collect and distribute master rights. Depending on your situation, you might have to share this revenue with your producer or performers featured on the recording. 

Bridger collects your copyright royalties generated on digital platforms.


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