After you signed up with Bridger, you must submit your musical work for us to start collecting your royalties.

To review and submit your musical works, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Bridger account.
  • Click on "My musical works" to review your musical works. All the tracks with the status "To be completed" need an action to be done.


  • Select one or several tracks and click "complete these submissions".

Then, you need to select one or two options for the selected tracks:


Select "I am a writer and/or producer" if you have contributed to the writing and/or the composition process.

Select "The selected content is original" if you have 100% of the rights for this musical work.

Select "I don't have the full rights" if you don't have the full rights. Click on "Notify these musical works to Bridger".

Select "I am a producer or performer" if you have not composed or written the music for those tracks. Copyright don't apply to these musical works and you must select "delete these musical works". 

  • Then, click "Next" to edit the splits.
  • Select the track that you want to edit (list on the left side of the screen).
  • Click "Add a new contributor" and search for a contributor's name on the list. If you can not find the contributors on the list, add their first and last names, emails, CMOs). Click "Next".
  • For each contributor, edit their role, and the split %.


  • Select "Apply this split to the entire track selection" to update the selected musical works.


  • Following these steps, the status of the tracks will change to Submitted. Once your submission is approved, you will receive an email to let you know that Bridger starts collecting your copyright royalties on the streaming platforms for the submitted musical works.

NOTE: after submitting musical works, you have 48 hours to make updates from your account. After that time, you'll have to contact our team to make any changes.


If you want to delete one or more tracks from your list,

  • Select the track
  • Click "DELETE"

NOTE: if you want to submit a deleted track in the future, you will need to start the entire submission process again.


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