After signing up with Bridger, there is still one key step to run before we can start collecting your copyright. We need to know about your ownership as a composer and as a lyricist for each of your musical works

To select your musical works:

  • Sign in to Bridger
  • Select "My musical works" to access the list of your musical works. All the tracks with the status "To be completed" need your action. 
  • Select one or multiple musical works with the status "To be completed", then click on "complete these submissions".

Then, you will need to select one or two options for the selected musical works:


Select "I am a writer and/or composer" (if you have contributed to the lyrics and/or the music composition)

> Select "I am a producer and/or performer" (if you have contributed to the sound recording of the musical work)

Select "The selected content is original" (if your work is not an unauthorized cover or doesn't include any unauthorized sample or content of a preexisting work) 

Select "I don't have the full rights for this content" (If your work includes unauthorized sample or content of a preexisting work), then click on "Notify these musical works to Bridger." 


If you select "I am a producer or performer," it means that you own the "master rights" of the sound recording for the selected musical work, but not the copyright (which is the only type of right that Bridger collects ; your master rights being collected by your digital distributor). To own the copyright, you must have composed the music and/or written the lyrics or the musical work. If it is not the case,  you must: 

  • Click on "Delete these musical works"

If you select "I'm a writer and/or a composer", it means that you are the music composer or the lyricist of the selected musical work, or at least one of the collaborators to the composition and/or the lyrics. You own the copyright that Bridger will collect for you.


First, we must ensure that the selected musical works are original . For example, you may cover a pre-existing literary or musical work or integrate excerpts, samples, etc., of pre-existing works into your creation. In that case, we will have to check that all necessary permissions have been granted from the original authors and publishers.

This process will be engaged when you will:

  • Select "I don't have the full rights for this content"
  • Click on "Notify these works to Bridger"

Following this action, our team will contact you.


If you select "The selected content is original", you confirm that no pre-existing work is covered, mixed, or sampled in your selected work.

  • Click "Next" and start the submission process.

To submit your selected works to Bridger, follow these steps:

This is the most critical step of your registration process for your musical works. Provide to Bridger the split (percentage) of ownership you have on each of them as a composer and/or as a lyricist. The copyright is divided into two types of rights:

  • The performing rights are related to the authorization you give to the digital platforms through Bridger to broadcast your works publicly,
  • The mechanical rights are related to the authorization you give to the digital platforms through Bridger to mechanically and digitally reproduce your musical works.

Both types of rights generate royalties that Bridger collects for you.

Once you have confirmed that you are the composer and/or lyricist of the selected musical works and that the selection is 100% original,

  • Click "Next" to define the splits. 

By default, you are considered as a songwriter of the musical work (composer and lyricist) and as  100% owner of the performing and the mechanical rights.

If this is correct and want to apply this setting as default:

  • Click "Apply this split to the entire musical work selection"
  • Then click "Submit" for each musical work
  • Once all the musical works are selected and have been submitted individually, select "I confirm that the information provided is correct and complete"
  • Finally, click "Submit" to complete the registration of the musical works selection

If this is not correct because you have composed the music and/or written the lyrics with other people:

  • Click "Add a new contribution" as many times as there are other contributors on the musical work
  • Click in the contributor field; a list of potential contributor will be displayed


  • If you type in the contributor field the first letters of your collaborator's name (or the name of their musical project), the list will be narrowed down accordingly.
  • If you don't find the correct collaborator, go to the bottom of the list and select "Add"
  • In the frame "Add a contributor" enter the first and last names of your collaborator, their email address, and the Collective Management Organization to which they are affiliated (if you know it). Click "Send"
  • Back in the "Splits" frame of your musical work, choose your collaborator's role (songwriter, composer, or lyricist) and update  their role if necessary
  • Check the splits of performing and mechanical rights and update them if necessary
  • Repeat this step with all the contributors
  • As an option, you can select "Apply this split to the entire musical work selection" and click "Submit"


  • Once all the selected musical works are submitted, click one last time on "Submit" to complete the registration of the entire selection.

NOTE: An email will be sent to each of your collaborators for them to approve the splits you submitted.

After submitting a selection of your musical works, you will still have 48 hours to update any element in the registration of each work. After this time, you will need to contact our team directly to make any update.


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